Bellingham 1940's

Keeping History alive for Flight Simulation Enthusiasts
Fact, Fiction, Fantasy and Fun simulation for all.

This is a major Flight Simulation project that presents KBLI (Bellingham) and KPAE (Paine) airfields in a Historical circa 1940's era with a mix in of some fun and fantasy to create a vibrant and entertaining simming environment that can be enjoyed by all from the serious simmer to those that just want to get even more fun out of their flight simulator program.

A Project by Garry J. Smith and Steve Kessinger


Paine 1940's


Scenery Overview
Area that is encompassed within this scenery, aircraft and model project:

11 Different areas of interest, plus even more fun stuff scattered throughout the environment.
Over 1000 hours of development

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InAlbum Deluxe Sideshows
Below are some preview Slideshows to highlight what is available. The first slideshow presents the
Historical Projects which have been integrated as one "Package" and the second one shows some of the additional Aircraft which have been created for some fun competition flying is a bonus pack of aircraft for the 1940's era.

Slideshows are safe to run - (InAlbum II  Deluxe creations)

Click on image below to run slideshow:
Historical scenery project Slideshow:                                    Bonus Pack of Aircraft supporting the main project:
 Slideshow 6.5mb                                                                        Slideshow 4.1mb

The main slideshow is being revamp to demonstrate the latest revisions - Project now broken into Two Parts - Basic Scenery and Bonus Scenery so need to amend the slide show to reflect those changes - coming soon.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles


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Couple of PR Pictures below:

Multiply Flying Sessions  will be available


Details of Project

Garry J. Smith is a member of:
The Returned and Services League of Australia
Cardiff NSW Sub Branch
RAAF Service 1970-1990

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